Good afternoon friends and family:

We are in our second day at The Leadership Center here about 3 hours north of Tegucigalpa.

We arrived about 5 hours later yesterday than we had expected. We arrived about on time at the airport but were delayed a bit in immigration. We headed out with Joseph, TLC’s director,in the TLC van.  We got to Zambrano a couple hours later to pick up Joseph’s wife and two small children. About 1/4 mile from the home where we picked them up the van died. About 20 minutes later it started again. We let it run as we gassed up before the trek out the dirt road/ river bed into the mountains to the campus.

Then! The van died 10 minutes into our hour long ride to Campus. We called for help , a friend to come jump start the battery. But since that would take an hour, Mike Jessica and Adam walked towards campus and get picked up by us on the way in. After about two hours, we finally got battery swapped out and got 100 yards further and blew out a rear tire. Then no jack. Got jack an hour later. Finally got tire in and it was too low to run. Drove back to Zambrano to get air and then set out again. The road is in just terrible condition right now. Heavy rains have really washed much away and it is a slow bumpy rocky ride.

Got to campus an About 8 p.m. Mike and company arrived on foot , very hot and tired, a couple hours earlier. We unloaded the van and ate some cold dinner but it tasted good.

The girls had a Bonfire for us; they were all happy to see us. We toasted marshmallows and sang around the fire! We went to bed early since we had been up since 4 am!

The roosters started early this morning , about 3 a.m. but it was fine. We barely heard them!

We started our day about 6 a.m. with a devotional about God’s gift of ” grace” and its ability to transform our lives.

After a breakfast of coffee, chorizo and beans we worked with the students in a garden before their classes.

Dan taught 2 business classes and the rest of the team gathered rocks for the foundation of the new student dorm under construction.

There are 24 students here now, including a newest freshman class of 11. Dan taught the 3 oldest girls finance fundamentals this morning while the other girls went to world history and math classes.

The Leadership Center is focused upon enabling poor young women by furthering their education, teaching them English as well as entrepreneurial and other leadership skills. Honduras is in desperate need of new leaders in virtually all aspects of their society and government.

Our collective support here at TLC , including all of your help and prayers, is about showing these girls that we love and respect them- is that not ” kingdom work”?

Lunch today was special , a piece of chicken , rice, carrots, and fried yucca. Not a morsel was left and the dogs ate all the chicken bones!

This afternoon, some of the group worked planting seedlings on the coffee farm. Harvest was finished a couple months ago and now another 1000 trees are being planted over the next month now that it is winter (rainy season).

We just completed English comprehension classes – Mike, Adam and Pastor Luis taught the freshman while Jose and Jessica had the other classes. I had a session with Olga on planning for her senior leadership project for a business plan to have a small apartment building in her village for workers at the banana plant.

Now we are relaxing before dinner. Luis and a few of the students and I are sitting on the porch. Luis and Molly are leading us in Spanish praise hymns.

Mike and Jose ate playing volleyball with some of the students.

Big news… Shower pressure is back! The intake line in the river had washed ashore so it’s fixed and showers are in progress.

It’s been a great day. These young women are just wonderful in every way. Full of laughter and spirit. Grateful for the opportunity to be here at TLC to continue their education and take leadership and skills back to their villages to help build a better future.

For the Mission Team,



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