WOW What a day!

Buenos Noches family and friends:

We had a beautiful sunrise over the campus about 6 a.m. – such a start to our day. At devotionals before breakfast, we read from Isaiah and talked about how God calls us; sometimes not with a trumpet but maybe a whisper or just a feeling in your heart.

After breakfast of strong Honduran coffee, fresh picked scrambled eggs and boiled vegetables – we headed in different directions to help today around campus.

Jessica worked with Haley and Micah placing rocks along the road; Luis and Jose worked on rebar pillars for the new student dorm with the local Honduran work crew (who are very good guys); Adam and Mike took on a big project of cutting and placing boards over culverts on the road; Dan gathered trash around campus and paper from the bathrooms and spent quality time at the burn pit before teaching business classes.

This afternoon we did more reading comprehension classes with the students. At the end of those sessions, we passed out the necklaces to each student that the Crafts for a Cause group from Trinity had provided. The girls were thrilled!

Although the day had been hot, about 4:30 the skies let loose – we had about 30 minutes of torrential rain. Jose and I were trapped in the comedor with the freshman for some time – which was great. We learned more about a number of the girls and they asked us a lot of questions.

The rain stopped and it dried out. A volleyball game pretty quickly commenced. But in 25 minutes Mike came running down to the comedor, Cecilia had dislocated her shoulder! I tried to maneuver her arm a bit to pop it in at the court but it was not happening. We got her to a room , she was in great pain and the dislocation was obvious. Honestly we were all pretty scared. It brings home very quickly how far away from civilization we are here at TLC. The ride into Zambrano in the truck or van would be painful for Cecilia. After much talk, and attempts to calm Cecilia and then reading a medical booklet section on reduction, we felt we needed to try to put her shoulder back in the socket. Haley, Adam and I were able to follow the instructions and with prayers from Luis, her shoulder was back in position. God did it for sure! Celia was fine – a cold pack and ibuprofen and in 30 minutes she was smiling again.

We had a relaxing dinner, much relieved. Beans (frijoles) and chorizo (supplemented by peanut butter) were enjoyed.

The girls had a pronunciation class after dinner and our team took it easy and talked as it turned dark.

That’s about it for tonight – it’s been a long day. It cooled down some and should be good sleeping tonight.

Please pray for the students and volunteers here at TLC. / Dan


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