Another Day at The Learning Center

Saludos desde Honduras!

It was another wonderful morning here at TLC. Luis woke everyone up around 6 a.m. with his typical whistle. This was followed by our morning devotions led by Jessica. As usual, our devotions were accompanied by a cup of delicious Honduran coffee prepared by Candida. During our devotions, we studied Acts 9, 1-18. This reading talks about how our Lord could call upon and use anyone regardless of the their past.

Later during the day, our team embarked in a project to replant a cotton tree to save it as the area where it was originally planted is soon to be covered by concrete for a new dormitory. new and the old dormitory.

Joseph and Zeida took Cecilia to see a Doctor, as precaution, to make sure that the were no broken bones from the incident yesterday. They went to Comayagua and the X-rays were negative. God is good!

Later during the day, Jessica, Mike, Luis, and Adam were involved in several construction and cleaning projects. I had the opportunity to join Dan during his business classes to the senior students, Alex, Olga, and Yunetzi. During Dan’s class we went over their business plan and I played a banker and they tried selling me their Business Plan to obtain a loan to start their businesses. It was a good exercise for the students as they practiced their delivery and got some observations as to what questions to expect during such process.

For lunch, we had a delicious homemade chicken soup prepared by Marcos’ wife. Marcos is one of the local employees in TLC and is man to the left of Luis Polanco on today’s photo (coming soon). By the way, the chicken was from his farm so it was fresh from today. Also, this was coordinated by Luis. Since we had the soup, we gave our lunch to Marcos, Marcos Jr., Christian, and Elias. The last three are also employees at TLC.

After the reading comprehension in the afternoon, each student received a digital watch. They were very thankful, as they always are. I had lots of fun later on, setting up more than 20 of these watches and explaining to the students how to do it themselves.

We had baleadas for dinner. Jessica was involved in the preparation.

I have to leave as we have a worship service around a fire and I have to translate for Luis’ sermon. Talk to you soon.

Jose Rivera


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