A Tropical Storm Doesn’t Stop This Mission Team

Blessings from Honduras!

We woke about 530 a.m. to a tropical storm that had been pounding the coast since about midnight. The rain and wind were very hard until about noon.

We actually ate breakfast before the devotional time this morning as we had to eat quickly in the open dining room. We had oatmeal (mush says Luis) which is very tasty and very runny as well as some scrambled eggs. No one would drink the fresh juice as we saw rain water from the roof (home to many birds) dripping into it!

After breakfast, Dan read the familiar story from the book of Luke about Martha and Mary and good discussion ensued. I think most of us Martha types agreed we wanted to choose more of the “better portion” like Mary and we needed to strive toward that with intentional behavior. Luis reminded us that it was not the busy work that Martha did that was wrong but rather her criticism of her sister Mary that Jesus commented negatively upon. Service and even busy work with the right heart and for God’s glory is pleasing to God.

We talked for a few hours about the challenges facing TLC and H2H ,read a bit and played dart baseball in the bar area as the hotel and restaurant was virtually empty.

Luis and Jose arranged a special lunch treat by asking for chicken soup. While not on the menu, the cook was happy to oblige and it was great – and it was certainly a soup day here!

image 1About 2 p.m., the rain let up and Amy Serrano picked us up and off to the Children’s Village we went. For about three hours we spent time with the children who had been cooped up most of the day. Mike played basketball with a few of the boys in a light rain. The rest of us spent most of the time with the girls and the babies at the girls house sitting with them, talking with them, holding them and just loving them.

image 2We stayed until it was time for the youngest kids to eat their dinner of refried beans, tortilla and little bit of sour cream. I hope you can see the wonderful picture of those very young kids as they sat down to eat… but honestly it is not much food for a growing child.

Goodbyes took a while as usual. Jose and Luis especially are well loved; they received many notes and hugs. I feel especially blessed to have those wonderful guys here in mission service – the ability for these kids to spend time with loving Hispanic men that they can trust and have a friendship with is so important, given many of the kids’ abused history.

We drove to Puerto Cortes and picked up the 8 teen boys who had walked about a mile in the rain to meet us. We all felt so happy to see these guys. We had planned to spend most of the day with them repairing their house but could not get there, as the rain had washed their road out to the home they live in. We all headed to Pizza Hut in Puerto Cortes and had a pizza, chicken wings and orchada feast – great fun, laughing and bonding. The guys played a joke on me and arranged for the waiters to surround me and sing a long, loud birthday song – it was not my birthday – but the boys all laughed very hard.

It’s really funny how the day worked out – nothing like we had planned at all. But as we say all the time – This is Honduras! Schedules and plans mean very little. But the truth is since God is in charge, it’s all good! And it was today. When I reflect on it, we had a lot of time together as a team enjoying each other’s company, a few great hours at the Children’s Village and then a couple hours tonight with the teen boys. Actually, it image 3could not have been a better day!

Tomorrow is our last day here in Honduras – we fly out tomorrow afternoon assuming the weather holds up (it’s raining hard again).

It’s been a true blessing to be at both TLC and at H2H. You should ask any one of us about it – I think you will hear something in our voices and in our words about how God has changed our hearts for the better in Honduras.

For Jose, Luis, Mike, Jessica and Adam and me – your Mission Team,



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