Honduras Mission Update 7

Greetings Friends and Family from Honduras !

21We awoke to a breezy beautiful morning along the Omoa Bay.

But we began the day in the town of Bethany a long time ago via Luke 10 verses 38-42. Martha and Mary served Jesus in their home, in different ways and with different hearts. We tried to think about what choosing the “better portion” means to us personally.

After breakfast of scrambled eggs and porridge we all crammed in the van and headed to Tegucigalpita and the Children’s Village. All the children were there today, as it was a school holiday – Soldiers Day. That was great with us as we had about 75 of the kids there to brighten our day.

We brought in 150 fresh oranges for the kids (they are green in skin color though) and the house mommies were quickly peeling them and giving each child a fresh orange . That produced big sticky smiles all around!

The Aquaponics folks jumped back into their super fish and agriculture project.

23Chris, Leslie and Sharon spent much time today with the kids…. Backgammon with the older boys, play dough with the girls, card games on the floor, and lots of coloring and markers.

Bill , Chris A and I were back on maintenance and repair duty. We installed 4 more ceiling fans (an absolute necessity in every living space ), repaired 5 swings – cut new seats from scrap wood and hung new hardware, repaired a kitchen door and a few other tasks. None of the repairs were hard but all were complicated by tool and hardware challenges and the 90 degree plus heat!

It rained on and off some today – actually poured buckets for 10 minutes a few times. But it never cooled down – just made it more sticky and a bit swampy!

22At one point as we were repairing the swings (a regular experience here that I really enjoy) I saw about 12 little ones chasing Chris Abel around the swing-sets! Those kids are fast and even with their short legs they caught him every time !

The neat thing about ” fixing stuff” is that it is a truly healthy experience… repairing a door and repairing a heart absolutely at the same time. With the kids helping , by holding our tools, and asking us questions and simply smiling at us- my heart is fully lifted up! Who knew ? We came to help the “poor among us” and they are actually helping us! This is the simple truth about mission work and it always amazes me!

We were hot and sweaty as we left the Children’s Village about 4:30. It was a bit quiet in the van on the 30 minute drive back as a few of us nodded off! Showers back at our small hotel felt really good.

At our dinner of pollo, beans and rice and vegetables, we were joined by three young Honduran women from The Leadership Center – Yanetzi, Olga and Alex. They are spending their last couple days at Heart to Heart with us now . And they will join us at the school tomorrow and help in the classrooms. We will spend time on their entrepreneurial business plans tomorrow afternoon. (Alex tells me she is the next Bill Gates.)

Buenos Noches Amigos!

Dan – for the team


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