Honduran Coffee from The Leadership Center

TTLC Coffee bagshe Leadership Center’s organic coffee is shade grown on the campus mountainside and brews a delicious medium roast. The one-pound packages will make wonderful gifts and include information about TLC on the label.

Berries are handpicked on the TLC grounds by the students, roasted locally and then packaged by the students.

The freshly roasted coffee will be hand delivered to Trinity by the Mission Team that returns on March 16. We can bring back both whole bean and ground coffee.

Priced to support The Leadership Center – all amounts will go directly to TLC’s educational ministry for young women. Please make your check payable to Leadership Mission International.

1 – 1 pound packages are $15

2 – 1 pound packages are $25

No need to pay until you receive the coffee in March – but if you want coffee – please send a note to Chris Moore in the next couple weeks so we can arrange for enough to be brought back. (Please indicate # of bags and whole/ground).


coffeepickingThanks for your support



Families in Honduras Need Your Used Items

CIMG1031Did you get new clothes for Christmas and your drawers are too full?

How about those couple of old bikes or scooters in your garage?

Did you make a New Year resolution to clean out your attic or storage space?

Does your office have any old furniture that they might be storing forever?

The Trinity Honduras Trailer will be loaded onto a sea container on February 14 and we have plenty of room.

Do you have items that you wish to donate? They will find a new home with a family in Honduras. Items are distributed directly to needy people in Honduras by Art for Humanity. Your donations will either be used or sold by families that are severely economically challenged.

CIMG1003Almost any gently used item is acceptable. Please tie shoes together. Bags or boxes of clothing for women, children and youth are always needed. Used furniture, carpets, appliances and tools are appreciated.

You can get the Trailer padlock code by calling the Church Office.

DSC_9404Questions or heavy items that require assistance – call or email Dan or Mike Moore.