The Leadership Center Mission Trip: Arrival and Day One


We escaped the bad weather! On Saturday we decided to change our flight out of DC and left Sunday night instead of Monday morning. So, our journey began with a short stay in Miami. On Monday morning, we left our hotel and departed Miami on our way to Teguc. Everything was smooth, to include the flight. However, the landing was a little rough, but the approach in Teucigalpa is a very challenging one. We have a video that we will show sometime in church during a mission Sunday.

After we landed and went through Honduran immigration and customs, we were greeted by Joseph, Hailey, and Alex, one of the senior students at TLC. Our trip from the airport to TLC was pretty easy, but a couple of our suitcases and duffel bags were hanging on the side and in front of the windshield making it hard for Joseph to see the road in front of him, but since we were so close to TLC, we decided not to rearrange the luggage. We finally made to TLC and the three of us were excited to see the students and the volunteers. Some of the volunteers / teachers are the same ones from last summer, which is great. In TLC everything looks great and progress is evident everywhere and there are a number of projects in the works. Joseph, Hailey, the staff, and the volunteers are doing a wonderful job and above all are helping with transforming the lives of the young girls attending TLC.

First day:

After a gorgeous night with the temperature in what felt like high 50’s, we woke cup to a hot cup of tasty Honduran coffee. After breakfast, we have devotions with all of the students, and a good number of volunteers and staff. After devotions, we discussed the plans for the day and the projects. Dan taught several sessions of business lessons and also did some brick laying for one of the new bathrooms being built behind the volunteer house. Chris participated in several of the lessons and in the afternoon was working with some of the students making pillow cases. I spent my day laying bricks with the workers building a bathroom for the new dorm and doing some electrical work to add an A/C outlet in one of the “comedors” that did not have any.

photo 1At 3:30 p.m., everyone gathered at the library to listen to Cecilia’s presentation on leadership as seen in the photo. Cecilia is a junior student and it is remarkable how far she has come and how well she is doing in every aspect. By the way, her presentation was in English. When I met her two years ago, she could not say a word in English to save her life! Seeing students like Cecilia progressing is one of the many ways in which we can witness all of the wonders the Lord is doing here.

Well, I need to wrap this up as we will be without wifi shortly. Please keep this ministry in your prayers and ask our Lord to continue opening doors and hearts to go on! See you soon and stay warm.




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