The Leadership Center Mission Trip – Wednesday

Dear Family and Friends,
We were up today about 5 because it is a good time to check e-mail.  Many teachers were up to work on lesson plans and student projects.  They are an amazing group of bright volunteers with a passion for helping these wonderful students.  Students are receiving a quality education.  

Next we were  off to the kitchen for fresh fruit and hot strong coffee with fresh milk from cows at a neighbor’s farm.  The milk was warm and sweet, a real treat in Honduras. After breakfast, morning devotionals were led by Karla, one of the newest students.  Her English is amazing for having been here only 10 months.  She read from Mathew 7:21 and talked to us about really knowing God and having a real relationship with Him. After devotionals, the students worked for 2 hours before class, collecting firewood, tending gardens and watering newly planted fruit trees.  Each student has been assigned 3 of these new trees as their “babies.”  Haley Rahm asks, “did you care for your babies today?”

photo 3Jose worked hard laying bricks today for a new type of composting commode.  He was assisted by young Micah Rahm, son of TLC director Joseph Rahm.  Jose also helped the workers with plans for a new water storage tank. Dan taught business classes to the seniors and helped the juniors review essential math concepts for business.  Chris worked in the English class for the freshman.  Between and after classes, all students finished their pillows.  They have so enjoyed this project and I will share pictures of all their creations when I have more bandwidth.

photo 2We had a late afternoon shower which cooled things down a lot, we all wore sweatshirts to dinner.  Tonight we ate baleadas for dinner, a favorite here, flour tortillas (a nice change from corn), beans, eggs and fresh cheese. Everyone is preparing for a talent show Friday night.  I think Dan and Jose will perform Zumba dancing.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

We also had a visit from the local mayor.s office today.  We hope they will recognize the important work being done here and the contributions that TLC is making to the local community.  

It is indeed a blessing to be here and be even a small part of this bold undertaking.  

Buenos Noches


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