The Leadership Center – Thursday Night

photo 5Dear Friends and Family ,

It was cool last night but comfortable. Our day started about 5:30 a.m. when the “campus” dogs started fighting with each other right outside our window- just a mild skirmish but a wake up call! There are 6 dogs on campus now (too many) but there are far less coyotes around it seems compared to prior trips (or at least we don’t hear them close at night).

A cold shower outside got me going and hot coffee followed. Jose, Chris and I spent some time in fellowship talking before breakfast about the students and some of their academic challenges.

Last night Jose, Chris and I had tutored three of the girls one on one for an hour and a half on some pretty simple math- like basic multiplication and division. It’s pretty difficult for some of the girls, which is a reflection on how poor the public school  system is here in Honduras. Less than 40% of the kids in this country even get to the 9th or 10th grade. And even if they graduate from high school, they may have had only 20-50 days of school each year because of teacher strikes, government shutdowns and so on. But the kids are passed forward from one grade to the next until they drop out or graduate. So the need for private education ministries like TLC (and Heart to Heart) is very high.

There are 20 girls here now, age 17-23, all high school graduates. They are each recommended by a church or an NGO in their community, they apply and are interviewed. So honestly, they are in many ways the best and brightest from public schools.

But anyhow, back to this morning – breakfast was chorizo, scrambled eggs and tortillas. Very tasty, not too spicy!

Joseph led morning devotionals today and his message was based in part on Luke 6:31 about the way followers of Jesus are instructed to treat others.

Before classes, Chris passed out the pink long sleeve tee shirts that our team had brought for the students. The girls were thrilled and some quickly pulled them on to display the embroidered Honduran Flag that had The Leadership Center scripted on it!

photo 4Dan taught business classes again today. Jose helped as well, particularly with math problems with the junior class. In the senior business class we began to focus on business plan presentations that the students could hopefully use to secure capital or donations to launch their businesses. I particularly worked a lot today with Alex (see her picture) on her transportation business plan, via motor boat service in Mosquitia (a very remote region of the country).

Chris worked with one of the teachers in the freshman class and they did reading (English) compression exercises.

photo 6After classes Chris went back to seamstress pillow work and the beautiful pillow cases are almost all complete. The girls love these craft projects and they are so talented. Chris posted a sign-up sheet for jewelry making this weekend and the spots were quickly taken!

I am expecting the internet might leave us shortly as it is cloudy and raining this afternoon so I might sign off before dinner tonight. All power is from solar- so lack of sun eats up the back-up reserves.

New applicants for the next class starting in April will be here soon. They spend 2 nights on campus, attend classes tomorrow, and are interviewed. They are hoping to accept a new class of 10-12 if funding can be found and if they have qualified students. It takes about $ 150 per month for TLC to support each new student. It’s such a little amount to change a life – don’t you think?

I hear the truck bringing the applicants/ students coming onto campus so I am off!

photo 7Blessings from Honduras and thanks for your support!



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One thought on “The Leadership Center – Thursday Night”

  1. Dear Dan and Jose, I am so excited to be reading about your day to day work at TLC. It’s a great way of watching your progress and the excellent work you guys are doing in Honduras. I am praying for any of your needs. Keep the good work! Wishing the best and sending blessings to all of you. Marie Rangel (Virginia, USA)

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