The Leadership Mission – Friday

After a stormy night, we woke up to our usual cup of coffee. This morning, we had bigger crowd as ten applicants spent the night on campus. The applicants participated in an interview as part of the TLC admission process. Some of them brought their mothers and one of them, both parents and a little brother. This is Honduras, where it’s ok to bring someone’s parents to a school interview. My guess is some parents want to see the place where their offsprings will spend the next three years if they are selected.

The applicants had the opportunity to get the taste of what life is like on campus. After breakfast, the applicants and their parents participated in the morning devotions. Betis led the morning devotions and message. She read from Mark 4, when Jesus calmed the storm. She talked about how any of us could go through a storm even when we are following the will of the Lord and how our best option is to put our trust in Him. It was very touching for all of us and for her too, as she lost her father just a few months ago. image

After devotions, the candidates joined the students to do their morning chores as part of experiencing life on campus. Later, they attended the regular morning classes, and went through their interviews after lunch. The photo shows some of the candidates waiting for their interviews.

During the morning, Dan and Chris worked on organizing the library while I helped Wendy, the talent show MC, with translating some of her script. Yes, we are participating in the talent show later tonight. For the morning classes, I helped Dan with his business class and we continued drilling down on profit margin, but not before reviewing some word exercises to help them comprehend. They did a little better than yesterday. During a short break, Chris walked into the classroom and told us she had good news. Dan and I asked what the good news was, and Chris informed us she had just volunteered the two of us to build a small credenza. We were thrilled… not really. I guess we’d better come up with something next week. It has to be done next week as we need some lumber to be milled and the workers are not here during the weekend.

Also today, we welcomed two new WWOOFers, Jessica and Michelle. (WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) These WWOOFers are from Madison, WI and came here from El Salvador. They will be here for a few weeks working the coffee farm and the vegetable gardens. Ii is always good to see young people willing to travel and volunteer their time and knowledge to help with organic farming among many other things.

About the talent show; there was a lot of participation from the volunteers and the students. Everyone had a blast. Dan, Chris, and I sang and did some acting for the show. The talent show was organized by Karla and the first year students prepared the stage and handed Certificates of Talent to the participants at the end of the show. By the way, the show was outdoor and we had a bonfire. Ask us about it when we get back, we will be happy to share.

That is all for now. I hope you enjoy the status reports, we certainly enjoy writing them. Before I say goodbye, please continue praying for this ministry and the rest of the ministries TUMC is sponsoring. Also, plan on joining us in Honduras during future mission trips. I can assure you it will be a rewarding experience.


Nos vemos pronto!




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