Tuesday from Honduras

photo 7Buenos Tardes Amigos,

We have been having internet issues again. As a result the email we tried to send last night was lost – maybe in the cloud? Satellite service provided internet here and it has been difficult.

Chris led devotional yesterday and Jose led this morning. All the girls gather around the kitchen after breakfast and scripture is read and a leader speaks to it. While optional, almost all students are there every day.

photo 11After the devotional, we headed back to the pig pen. I wrote about the pigs last night but I think you did not receive that. Pigs are new here and they are being fed any table scraps, along with the chickens. Three pigs now and about 60 chickens but another 100 chicks coming. They also are trying aquaponics (talapia) but they are still fingerlings. The ponds also grow algae/duckweed which spreads very quickly and it’s also fed to the chickens and pigs. Anyhow back to the pig pen where we helped wrestle the pigs into submission (not really) so the girls could hose them down. Pigs are most easily controlled with food and they love watermelon rinds.

photo 9Business classes today were great. More profit margin and break even analysis for the juniors. Business plan PowerPoint slide development for the seniors. I spent a lot of time with Yanetzi on her educational supplies business for her town .

Lunch today was a small piece of fried chicken, rice and cabbage. Chicken is a special meal.

photo 12Jose continued to make progress on the tree fort foundation- digging footer columns in almost rock. There are 4 kids here; the director Joseph and his wife have 2 little ones and Vanessa, a Honduran who is the new student dean, also has 2 little ones. So while the kids don’t have TV or game boys, they will have a tree fort. Probably better for them.

Chris helped in English classes today and did more crafts. The students are so excited to see Chris after classes and sew, make brackets or today hair bows were a big seller.

photo 14We are sitting on the front porch after showers now, talking to a few of the girls and waiting the dinner bell.

Not sure when you will get this but we are having a wonderful trip. These students are such a blessing to us.

For the team,


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