The Leadership Center Honduras Mission – Wednesday

photo 15Saludos desde TLC! Today has been the warmest and most humid day since we got here. However, we are not complaining. This weather has been good to help with the many ongoing projects. One of the projects involves the construction of a concrete water tank which will hold over 20,000 gallons of water. In the photo, with Micah Rahm posing, you can see the tank covered with plastic. This cover is necessary to trap the moisture which helps with the chemical reaction that bonds the concrete. To build the wall, the workers sling/slap two layers of concrete and the 2 layers to smooth the surface. Tomorrow, they will remove the plastic and the masonite that was holding the concrete from inside. Once the masonite is removed, the workers will make a mix with a higher concentration of concrete to smooth the inside surface and to fill any air pockets. After the workers are done with the wall, they will water it for 7 days while they build the top dome.

Once the tank is finished, the water supply for TLC will be improved exponentially. Water supply has been problematic. The water in TLC is collected from the river near campus. However the suction inlet is located approximately 3 miles away from campus. The reason behind this is that elevation of the river near TLC is below the elevation of the campus. Recently, more than 300 meters of line were stolen, and occasionally, one of the many junctions comes apart. Whenever the water stops running, the workers have to walk the water line to inspect it and fix the problem, so imagine inspecting three miles of water line by walking. Sometimes it takes a day or more to find and correct the problem and the current water reserve is a little over 2,500 gallons, and with students, staff, and volunteers, there is always more than 40 people on campus. Additionally, 12 new students are starting in April. Although, 3 students graduate, these new students will bring the total close to 50 people.

So, once this tank is operational, those problems will be a thing of the past. However, we are not quite where we need to be. This tank will be connected to a water pump that will collect water from a point in the river located approximately 400 meters from the tank. So, water will be pumped instead of delivered by just gravity. The cost of this is approximately $8,000. There is a donor willing to provide $4,000 of matching funds to pay for this project. Please keep this project in your prayers and consider donating to fund the project. We can guarantee that any funds donated to TLC are being put to great use for the work of the Kingdom.

I know this email is completely different than the past ones, but I believe, and I’m sure Dan and Chris would agree, that it is important to highlight other things of the many that are taking place here in TLC. Before I say goodbye, I want to ask for your prayers, support, and for people to join our team during future mission trips. Blessings.


Other photos from today:

photo 16 photo 17 photo 18


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