The Leadership Center Honduras Mission – Saturday

phot 25Buenos Dias Friends and Family

Today is our return from 13 days at TLC. This opportunity to serve has been a tremendous uplifting experience. We thank all of you for your support.

First let me back up a bit to yesterday (since the internet was down again).

Jose worked very hard in the foundation for the tree fort for the local kids and it is done and looks great. The volcano approach to making concrete was used – the mix is 3 wheel barrows river sand, 1 wheel barrow gravel, and one wheel barrow of cement. We figured it took about 8 mixes over two days… a lot of concrete. Jose was the project boss and I helped between classes.

Chris took my junior’s business class today. (They meet in the Trinity classroom.) The girls explored fixed and variable costs as well as some initial work on their business plans. These three girls graduate in September and I hope we will be back for it.

I worked almost the entire day yesterday with the three seniors on their PowerPoint presentations of their business plans. 

Alex, Yanetzi and Olga will graduate from TLC in 3 weeks. They have been working on their plans for almost a year now, narrowing focus with market research in their villages or home towns, gathering competitive and cost information etc. My primary efforts this week were to get their plans from their notebooks and class exercises into a power point that they could each use to help secure capital to launch their businesses this fall. At the end of the day, each student presented their slide deck about their business to Jose, Chris and a few of the volunteers- a trial run! They were very good. We will work on them some more via internet over the next few weeks,

I am hopeful that some of you will want to invest or support these young women and their businesses. The plan is to try and bring these three graduated students to the US sometime in June for 6 weeks to serve a 2-3 week business internship and to present their business plans to interested investors (or donors to The Leadership Center who will then lend them the funds). To be honest, I can’t wait for you to meet these wonderful young women. They are each loving and kind and confident. Most of my business career has been about working with entrepreneurs (in the States) and I honestly feel each of these young women deserve a chance to launch their businesses.

So we will let you know how things progress- there is one huge hurdle to bringing these girls to the US – they need a visa. They have interviews with the US visa office in Tegucigalpa on March 27. They are very nervous. Last night they came to us and asked us to pray for them on that day especially. 

Dinner last night was pastalitos, like empanadas – stuffed with shredded chicken and fried. And after dinner we had a bon fire under a very bright and full moon. We talked and laughed a lot. It was quite cool last night here in the mountains and the fire was warming to us.

photo 24We rose a bit early today, with mixed emotions. Happy to be packing up to head home and sad to leave here. Breakfast was rice oatmeal and papaya chunks prepared by Betis, Myra and Yanetzi ( see picture).

While I was getting my breakfast plate from the kitchen, Andrea one of the new girls pulled me aside. She asked me about the story of the widow’s mite and what tithing meant. She was giving the devotional this morning and wanted to know more about how poor people give “enough” to God. We talked about giving not only of money but of your time, talents and treasures. And rich or poor does not matter. 

After breakfast the girls surrounded us – lots of hugging and some tears. They will especially miss Don Jose!

Joseph Rahm the director was heading out with us today – he has a week of doctorate study next week at Lancaster Bible College.

We climbed into a truck – Jose and Joseph in the truck bed with the bags – and we began our bumpy journey away from the mountain campus. It was a beautiful sunny morning for the journey.

On the way we must have picked up 8 locals trudging along the bumpy windy road (river bed) so Jose and Joseph got plenty of company on the back of the truck.

In Zambrano we were dropped off and Glen Evans picked us up and took us another hour or so to the airport! It was good to spend some time with Glen.

So we are soon airborne. We get back late tonight – tired in body but very refreshed in spirit!

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our trip and TLC if you are interested. We have a lot of great stories to share.

Blessings from Honduras,


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