Saturday at the Children’s Village

Dear image-3Friends and Family,
We arrived safely yesterday afternoon. After baleadas we stopped at the school for a tour and visit. The kids had left for the day but we spent some time walking around with Marcel and a couple of the teachers. We arrived at our hotel at the beach around 6 p.m.; modest but very adequate. The managers are thrilled for the business. They made us dinner and we ate outside on the porch. We talked a while after dinner of plantains,chicken and beans – then turned in around 8 p.m.

(Note to our Marketstreet friends joining us Tuesday – bring bug spray and if you are fussy about pillows – squeeze one in)

After devotionals at 7 this morning, led by Sylvia where we discussed “our commission,” we ate breakfast on the patio across the street right on the beach. Large cargo ships off shore unloading at Puerto Cortes and a few small fishing boats. It is hot here -90 plus degrees and humid, but the breeze was nice near the beach. image-5

Off to the Children’s Village around 8. We stopped at a a family mercado and bought fresh fruit, vegetables and pollo for the Village. We certainly made the day for the business owners – we spent 10,000 Limpera – about $500. We bought 10 pounds of chorizo,25 whole chickens, bags and bags of fresh vegetables, bags of beans, boxes of corn flakes, 10 pounds of fresh cheese and large bags of rice. A lot of food for over 90 kids at the Village. The kids were excited image-4to see us and they helped us unload the market haul.

We played with the kids for a couple hours, passed out some of the pillows and new pillow cases made by Trinity’s Crafts for a Cause and are just about to eat a late lunch with the kids.image-6

I am going to send this missive off a bit early as I am worried about bandwidth. We will be here at the Village this afternoon and then off to church tonight. Blessings from Honduras! Dan for the team