Wednesday from The Mission Field

Dear Friends and Family,

wed 2We were joined by our Market Street UMC friends last night! They arrived safely (but without John who took ill this week – still hoping he might join).

We had breakfast this morning across the street from the hotel at 6:30 and were excited to get to know each other.

We all plowed in the van and an extra car and headed to the School in Cortes.

There we started the day with a school wide devotional service in the church. Much praise singing (How Great is Our God and many more) as well as God Bless Honduras. Enthusiasm and clapping and flag waving! The message for the kids today from Amy Serrano was about feeding the “good wolf ” in all of us and not feeding the ” bad wolf” in all of us.

wed 3After church we played with the kids for a bit and then they all headed off to class to take their year end standardized testing (government required).

We jumped in the vehicles and headed out to the Children’s Village. There we pretty quickly got involved in a couple projects.

The guys worked on a teeter totter for the little kids. We had a lot of little helpers.

The women pretty much played with the littlest ones, reading, coloring and building blocks. The kids and house mommies are so pleased to have new faces and new friends. Despite being little and not speaking English, they pretty much can get any gringa or gringo to do what they want!

The house mommies made us a great lunch, chicken, pastalitos, rice and a boiled plantain. Quite a feast, although a few of us were hiding the boiled plantains under our napkins.

Some of the team helped do dishes and prepare food for tomorrow for the kids.

We unpacked all the wonderful gifts and items that the Market Street folks so generously brought.

It was very hot today. And we were focused on drinking water all day long.

We left the Village about 4 p.m. and went back to the hotel. There is a small pool there and about 5 of us waded in and cooled down. Very refreshing.

wed 1We debriefed before dinner sharing precious moments from our day together with each other. Then we walked down the street for dinner of pollo, rice and plantains.

Most are tired and asleep now. A long hot and wonderful day!!

Blessings from Honduras,

Dan for the team


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