Friday and Saturday from Honduras

Friday from Honduras

To all,

Hello from Honduras! Frank led us in our morning devotions and shared a wonderful message about how the impact we have as Christians is like a ripple effect when a stone is thrown into water. Even if we feel as small as a mustard seed, God is on our side and we are empowered by the Holy Spirit!

After devotions we had pancakes for breakfast across the street. As soon as breakfast was over, we drove to the children’s school for the last time (last day of school for them).

Each of us were able to sit in on classes and many of the kids were able to wear their pajamas to school for the last day! Many classes had celebrations and played games and ate desserts. When you get sugar in the little children, you can imagine the energy and chaos that followed!

One touching moment is how sad some children were on the last day. In America, our children are so excited when they get out and they know that they will see most of their friends next year. In Honduras, some children don’t know if they will ever see each other again. Their tears were of sadness and they were so genuine. This shows me how much love was shared and how deep the relationships were.

The school day ended with a celebration and a wonderful slide show of the whole school year. It was amazing that after everything was said and done as the children left, the school seemed so barren and empty. But we knew that each and every one of them was touched by the relationships built and more importantly touched by the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Market Street team was able to tour the clinic next door to the school and afterward we headed back to the hotel to regroup.

Dan and Gary went off to the airport to pick up John Barnett (John is from Market Street and he was sick the day the team left). As they went to the airport, the rest of the group was able to go into town to check out local businesses, shop, and buy some groceries.

The day ended with worship and the two teams split. The Trinity team talked about coming off a mountain top experience. What can we do with our experiences as we come home. How can we use our experiences to share the love of Christ with others. The Market Street team debriefed on their day and John was able to join them to complete their team.

All is well with our souls and we pray for Trinity’s and Sharon’s safe trip home tomorrow.

Until next time, We hope you can share Gods love with someone today!

Love you all!



Saturday from Honduras

Dear Family and Friends,

image-8We began our day at 6:30 on the porch of the Hotel Brisas, as has become our routine. We read Philippians chapter 2 and reflected on serving with humility and working God’s will in our everyday lives. The fellowships and discussions we have had on this mission trip have been wonderful.

We prayed together and spoke many of the children’s names that were on our hearts. You should seek us out and ask us about a couple of the kids we prayed for; so many – while safe at Heart to Heart – are in need of healing from their heartbreaking past.

We had breakfast across the street watching some kids dig for sand crabs on the beach. We traded fresh cheese, ham and scrambled eggs among ourselves until we all had about what we wanted.

After breakfast, we said some goodbyes as the Market Street 8 headed out to the Children’s Village for the day. We really enjoyed our time together and formed some great relationships that will carry us into the future.

We were a bit jealous as the Market Street team headed to spend a joyful day with the kids and maybe help on a project or two.

Last Saturday night an incident happened at the baby/girls house at the Village. An intruder crossed a barbed wire fence and came in an open window around 2 a.m. The man went into the babies room (which is air conditioned) and took some of the house mommies’ purses. One of the mommies awakened and screamed and he ran out. While not the first incident, this one was scary. Oscar Serrano asked us on Monday if we could help. So we used $500 of our team project fees to buy rebar and other supplies. The rebar has been welded into heavy screen/cages that we painted and they are to be installed this weekend with Market Street team assistance.

image-9The five of us packed up and talked for an hour or so. And then we all headed to the airport – about an hour and a half ride. We said goodbye to our dear friends Gary and Sylvia and are now awaiting our flight to Miami.

We had a brief but great 9 days here in Honduras, with Heart to Heart and in fellowship together.

We have much to share with you if you wish to hear more. While we have all enjoyed serving and reflecting God’s love here, the truth is we have all received so much more than we have given- such is the nature of mission service.

Thanks for your prayers and support for us and God’s people here in Honduras and everywhere!

Blessings from Honduras,
Dan for the Team



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2 thoughts on “Friday and Saturday from Honduras”

  1. Welcome back! It is hard to leave isn’t it? The relationships become soooooo intense in such a short time. It sounded like a wonderful 9 days well spent. I’m sure you are already planning the next trip. Mission trips were always most rewarding trips we’ve taken. And it is a win/win situation for all. It’s hard to say who received most from them! Blessings…..see you in July. Love Sandy and WEndel

  2. Big greeting from sweden with blessing in the lord over you and outpouring of the HOly Spirit with revival over you in that special time for God to move aroeund the world and saving and heal in Jesus name ,thanks and bless ,keijo sweden

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