The Adventure Continues…

Dear Friends and Family,

As we are nearing the end of our third week here, I am happy to report that we are busy, working hard and very fulfilled. Aside from missing family and friends, things at The Leadership Center are great.

scalded leche
scalded leche

We have had several new and fun things to eat this week, corn flakes with scalded fresh milk, a whole banana roasted on hot coals then peeled and covered with Nutella and fresh fried tilapia from the Aquaponics garden. All very good.

Our teaching schedule continues to challenge us. As first time teachers, we spend a lot of time preparing for class. Additionally students seek us out for tutoring, pronunciation practice, and reading aloud practice. Add to this staff meetings, a little time for craft projects and we are exhausted by the end of the day and thus sleeping well.

Dan & cowWe have made peace with the cows, they have their space and we have ours. Our paths no longer cross and that is good for everyone. Unfortunately, we are now contending with a few pesky mice at night who are good at extracting the peanut butter from the trap without springing it.

The director of TLC, Joseph Rahm, instituted an English language only policy at the beginning of this week that is unpopular. Students must speak English, with few exceptions, all day and everywhere on campus. The first day was very quiet but slowly they are attempting more conversations.

The computer lab is thus far successful and enjoyed by the juniors. Each day they learn new skills with various Office applications, we are beginning just with Office Word. They so appreciate the donated laptops with Office software for them to practice with. We hope to install a small printer in the lab tomorrow so they can print some of their documents.

We had a pretty interesting Bible Study last night. We are reading and studying Acts. We discussed Acts 19 and how Paul taught and encouraged people to learn or know Christ by meeting them where they are with their own faith. We also discussed evil spirits and evil. Of course the culture and tradition here in Honduras does pretty much believe in active evil spirits. It was a very interesting discussion.

In Dan’s Entrepreneurship Class we are learning different business models and discussing which specific business might make sense for the graduates to start. (This class will graduate at the end of March.) So far we have 12 different possible entrepreneurial businesses among the 4 seniors and I need to work with them to get them down to 1 viable business each. Then we can begin more market research and develop plans. We have a variety of possibilities now including bakery, internet cafe, agricultural supply store, super market, water purification and more businesses in the exploration stages. Trying to narrow the field is a process!

photo 1Yesterday afternoon, we had an entrepreneur from the Copan region present his business to the students. His family owns and manages a farm near the Copan area (Maya ruins). He has added an “agri-tourism” to the family business to supplement their income. Tourists can visit and stay at the farm, work in the fields (cacao, coffee, corn, bananas), ride horses, and enjoy the nearby hot springs. The girls really identified with this Honduran entrepreneur and it was quite fascinating.

Well that is it for this report. We miss you all and are enjoying our service. We are learning much!


Dan and Chris

photo 3


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