A Hike, A Fire, Presentations, and New Friends

Blessings from Honduras, Family and Friends!

It has been a really nice week since we forwarded our last epistle.

photo 10The weather has moderated considerably. Evenings are comfortable and afternoons are very warm now – about 75-80. The warm weather has brought some new friends to our casita. Did you know that Honduras is home to over 20 different types of lizards? Fortunately there are only about three or four that have become our close friends. While colorful, surprisingly they are a bit noisy.

A mission team of 11 arrived last Saturday afternoon, headed up by Ira Lucia, one of the officers and directors of TLC. Ira, his wife Sara and their daughters, were living at TLC when Chris and I first came here in 2011. Ira and Joseph were roommates in college and had worked with Glen Evans of Art for Humanity to launch TLC. Ira’s team, composed mostly of Ira and Sara’s family members and friends, are working on building a new coffee processing facility. It’s great to have them here for a week. As they depart this Saturday, Jose, Sharon and Victoria will arrive and we are really excited for that!

photo 3 Last Sunday, Chris and I took a wonderful hike up the river for a couple miles. We came upon an old abandoned one room home, along a bend in the river. The roof was mostly caved in and the thatch covering was long gone. One homemade brick wall was partially collapsed, but the three and a half remaining walls were photo 1strong and well supported still. A few colorful red and purple flowering bushes partially surrounded the house. There was good evidence of the family that once lived there. A child’s shoe in the corner. A heavy wooden front door with a faded name. A rusted metal bucket under the window. An empty, but functional pila and washboard outside in the yard area, as well as a still standing wooden bano nearby. It seemed to us like a big family once lived here. Maybe 4-5 kids with their parents, because this property was large enough that it would have had to have been worked. They raised citrus and there were many lemon trees in full glory, still photo 2baring large yellow fruits, the size of grapefruits. A wooden and barbed wire fence around the large perimeter probably kept the few cows the farmer owned away from the home. About 150 yards from the house were the remains of a small wooden barn, mostly caved in; it would have held several cows and undoubtedly a number of chickens! We admired the property and walked around for 30 minutes, wondering what had happened to this family. We gathered some lemons and headed back to campus, still wondering.

On Monday we had a minor scare on campus. The workers were burning a field (to encourage regrowth and fresh grass for the cows) and the fire got swept away by the wind. It burned up two of the five coffee bean drying facilities before it was extinguished. The coffee dryers are made of PVC piping and covered with clear plastic covers – each about 60 by 30 feet. They are being rebuilt now. It could have been worse.

Junior class presentations.
Junior class presentations.

Chris’s junior class gave a presentation yesterday to all of the TLC assembly using their newly acquired PowerPoint skills. They each presented a few slides about Honduras, their home Departments (regions or states) with pictures of its history, geography, beautiful nature and foods.

Highlights for you:

  • Did you know that one of the largest and most spectacular carnivals in Central America and South America happens each May in Trujillo?
  • Did you know that Honduras has only one natural lake, Lake Yojoa?
  • The three largest export crops of Honduras are coffee, bananas and palm oil.
  • Baleadas, pupusas and orchata are favorite foods.
  • Semana Santa is Holy Week and it includes elaborate parades that process on beautiful carpets made of colored sawdust and many flowers.

The girls had fun with their Honduras presentation and it was enjoyed by all. The students are so very proud of this country and that was on full display yesterday.

My business students are in a full court press on their business plans now. We have a first draft together for each student but are now working hard to gather supplier and costing information.

One thing that has struck me in this business research – is how expensive many things are in Honduras. A good oven that many of us have in our homes in Virginia that could cost us $500-800, costs about that amount here. Even a pint or liter bottle of Coca Cola here is 20 -25 lempira – about $1 or so. Seems also similar to the States. But the disparity in earnings is huge, o things relatively (actually) cost so much, much more here. An average worker makes 160-200 lempira a day- that’s about $200 or so per month. Would you be able to buy an oven if it took 3 months worth of wages to acquire it?

A brief sharing of our devotional this morning, led by Hailey, as an encouragement for us this week: Psalm 139: 23-24 – where David asks God to search his heart and lead him forward. Something we can all do today.

Dayana writing today's message.
Dayana writing today’s message.

Dayana Romero is truly one of blessings here at TLC. She is a Trinity-sponsored student from Puerto Cortes, and about to complete her first year. I am handing her the iPad now for her to share directly with you!

Hi God bless you! For me, it’s a blessing to have Trinity Church and Mr. Dan and Mrs. Chris Moore as sponsors and friends. I have shared many good moments with them and I appreciate them. They are a blessing for me and my classmates. Telling you something for me being at TLC it has been one of the best things I ever had. I’m glad I have met Mr. Dan and Mrs Chris, I have spent time with them and I have laughed with them. As Mr. Dan says, “I’m little concerned,” because when the quarter ends they are going to leave TLC and I’m going to miss them a lot. They are so especial, but I know they will come back soon ☺. I’m looking forward to meeting more members of Trinity Church this weekend. Thank you all. Dayana

We thank you all for your prayers and support. We do appreciate it.

For Chris, Dayana and I,

Dios Los Bendiga!


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