Our Mission Team arrives in Honduras

Saludos y bendiciones desde Honduras,

We dodged the winter weather! Well, at least for a few days. Our small team (Victoria Todd, Sharon Tanner, and Jose Rivera) escaped the cold weather to come to Honduras to join Dan and Chris Moore, and the wonderful people at the TLC. Our trip was uneventful; well, not really, but I could tell you more if you approach me after I return to Trinity.

Victoria and I departed DC very early on February 28 to join Sharon Tanner in Miami, FL and then fly to Tegucigalpa, Teguc if you talk to any local. The flights were very smooth and even the challenging approach at Teguc. Our luggage made it with all the things many of you graciously sent made it here intact. Even the TUMC mugs.

Our trip from the airport to TLC was also a smooth ride and included a stop in Zambrano for a delicious lunch. After lunch, we headed to the TLC down the bumpy road, although this time wasn’t as rough as previous occasions. In part, this was due to improvements made to the dirt by a hydroelectric contractor working near TLC to install a turbine to generate electrical power. Once at TLC we received a warm welcome by Dan and Chris, the staff, volunteers, and the students.

By the way, we could not have asked for better weather. Although this is the dry season and they haven’t had too much rain since early in 2015, the temperature during the day is between high 70s and lower 80s with a nice breeze. During our first night, we had some short periods of rain, which was music to my ears as our dorms have tin roofs and brought me back some memories from Puerto Rico.

Sunday morning, we woke up to delicious coffee, which I had the honor to prepare with some guidance from the students. Making coffee here is a little more complex than what we are used to back home. Later we had Sunday service at the new multi-purpose building. We sang every song in both Spanish and English. Joseph Rahm, the director of TLC, delivered a great message based on the first chapter of Joshua, when the Lord chose him to guide the Israelites after Moses died. His words touched all of us and made us reflect on those times when the Lord calls us to do something and we have doubts or second thoughts.

Dan. Jose Victoria and Sharon at El Angel.
Dan, Jose, Victoria and Sharon at El Angel.

After lunch, some of us decided to go for a hike to see the waterfalls (El Angel). The sights are truly breathtaking and gave us a great opportunity to reflect on many things and also for Dan and I to try to solve the world’s problems.

Well, I’m going to sign off for now, but before doing so, I want to ask all of you to keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers. The great things the Lord is doing here with the students, the community of Los Valles, the people of Honduras are possible because of people like you who are willing to pray and contribute. Please keep doing both. I would also like to ask you to consider joining us during a future trip, come see for yourself and experience something which is beyond rewarding and fulfilling. Muchas bendiciones y hasta pronto.

Jose O. Rivera


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