Exams and Other Final Things

Dear friends and family,

I want to start this message today with a note from Daniela, one of the first year students. Here she is:

To: Trinity Church and my friends in the United States,

Hello! My name is Daniela Valladares and I am studying in The Leadership Center (TLC). I am in the first year of English, by the way this is my last quarter of English here, but in a couple of weeks I will be starting my second year, and I am happy for that.

Let me tell you, that when I came here I did not know any English, in the beginning it was really difficult for me to understand the language or when people spoke with me, I didn’t know how can I answer them. I think this is one of my big challenges in my life.

Also, I am really happy because I am going to be on vacation and is really excited because I will be doing many things for example: going to church with my family and enjoying the traditional food the we make is really delicious also, I hope go to swim and past a good time. in fact, we are going to celebrate the Holy Week. I have two younger sisters and we will have a wonderful time together for two weeks.

I think it is a good time to be near to God and remember Jesus’ death and sacrifice for us.

So I am really grateful with you for the things that you have been doing for my classmates and I.

Thank you so much for praying every single day for us and I hope God continue blessing your lives.

Finally, I would like to continue telling you more about my experiences at TLC, I am sure that will be great. Thank you for everything that you do for us.😉

Another thing I would like to know more about you and have a wonderful communication too.

With love. Daniela🐜


Now a word from Chris:

As we begin to count down the days until we leave TLC our emotions are mixed. It will be hard to say goodbye to those we have become so close to; but we are very ready to return to our family.

Graduation plans and preparations are on everyone’s mind, food, flowers, table cloths, new curtains for the salon, cleaning up the front entrance (stump removal and grading work) and pretty dresses for the graduates.

Dan’s final Entrepreneurial Class exam was today ( 2 1/2 hour exam) and his students surprised him this afternoon with a Father’s Day Party. (Today is Father’s Day in Honduras). They prepared a treat of homemade chips and queso bean dip with chorizo. It was delicious. The seniors were so sweet and they gave us each a nice gift.

My finals will be next Tuesday for the second year students, then we will pack up and head home Friday. I think the students are anxious to get home, too.

We have much more to share with you and will be glad to speak with you about our experiences here at TLC.

A quick note from Dan:


Betis, gave the devotional this morning: Proverbs 2:1-5. She spoke about turning your ear to wisdom and your heart to understanding. She tied it into seeking counsel and love from our Heavenly Father and from our earthly fathers on this Honduran Father’s Day. Betis lost her father about 10 months ago, in a tragic household accident. She was consoled by her classmates as she spoke with us.

The seniors are very excited for graduation Sunday evening – they all have 6-8 family members coming in to campus on Sunday and then they depart Monday. There will be many tears.

Well, I am off to grade the final exams. The seniors will meet with me tomorrow to review the exams and learn their final grades (they will all do well I am sure).

It’s been a nice day here at TLC.

Blessings from Honduras,

Dan and Chris

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