Chris & Dan Return to TLC

This message was originally written on Jan. 23.

Dear Family and Friends,

IMG_0354We arrived on campus Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 20) with a wonderful greeting from many of the students. Many hugs and laughs. We had missed them and they had missed us! They helped us tote our 7 duffle bags to the casita which will be our home away from home again. No cows to welcome us this time on our front porch – a good thing.

We walked with the students over to the kitchen and volunteer house and just sat and talked with the girls until the dinner bell. We enjoyed a typical Honduran meal of beans, scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables along with – of course – corn tortillas.

We began to unpack that evening but did not get much done – it had been a very long day. We have brought a lot of school supplies, craft items for the girls, used cell phones, some tools, books and more – much donated – thanks to all.

Chris came down with a nasty stomach bug early Thursday morning that kept her in bed for a full day or so – but she is back and the students are happy for that. Several of the girls kept bringing her tea with lemon and other support help all day. Very sweet.

photo 1I have 5 third-year students who I am working with. We started accounting and business metrics review yesterday in classes. Next week, we will begin to polish up their business plans and work on projections. They seem very excited about the prospects of becoming entrepreneurs soon! And a bit nervous.

Chris starts a sewing project this afternoon – blankets with the 11 first-year students.

A dozen second-year students bring the total number of young women to 28 right now.

IMG_0352The daily schedule is like this – breakfast at 7, devotionals at 7:20, work detail 7:30 to 9, classes 9:30-11:30, lunch at 12:30, classes 1:30 to 3:30 and then free-time and study groups until dinner at 6, after dinner meetings, tutoring and studying.

Internet access has been challenging so far. Bandwidth is tough to come by right now -so we will stay in touch with you as best we can.

The weather is very nice – afternoons are mid-70s and sunny. Nights are a bit cool – 50ish, which is fine with an extra blanket.

Today is a big day – fried fish for lunch – from the Tilapia tanks here on campus. The girls have been talking about the fish for several days now.

IMG_0357Let me close with this – yesterday morning at devotionals, Karla one of the third-year students shared a bit about her life. She is from a poor farming family. Her parents do not have much other than the land they work, but she talked about how her parents never complain. And then she reflected on how much she has to be thankful for – including a free education here at The Leadership Center and all her friends here. But she said this – “I often catch myself complaining about things. And that is wrong. I need to be always thankful for what God has provided me. I want to have a grateful heart”. Sounds like good words to live by for sure!

We know many of you are struggling with snow – hope you are safe and warm.

Blessings from Honduras,




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