Business Plans and a Hike

Feb. 3

Good Evening Friends and Family,

We have a lot to report to you – it’s been a busy 5-6 days.

My 5 seniors are doing very well on their business plans.

Karla plans to raise chickens for organic eggs in her small rural community (a fairly new concept here – she will sell them at 2-3 L per egg about $ 1 or $1.50 a dozen). Eggs are the mainstay source of protein for many poor or low income Hondurans.

Lenis is preparing to launch a second hand clothing and shoe business in a town of about 3,000 people (it is amazing how much used clothing comes into this country that is resold in many small shops in small villages and towns).

Nidia will be teaching English at a Catholic school starting the week after graduation. But her business that she plans to open in 2017 will be a small bodega selling food staples in Isletas (the same community where Yanaetzi’s School Supply business is located)

Yolaney’s family has a small agricultural farm. She has been given land to use to grow cilantro, carrots and lettuce. Her innovation is to use a different crop rotation and planting schedule to increase harvests, while reducing some dependency on chemicals (which are costly).

Maholey is planning to begin a private English tutoring business in her large home town of Tocoa.

We have been working on these plans, cost models and revenue forecasts for a couple weeks now – it’s all very exciting and they are doing very well. I believe we will be able to fund all of these business starts.

Last Sunday, we hiked about 2 1/2 hours from campus to one of the second year students’ home in the small community of Las Botijas. Karen’s family lives there and they invited us for lunch. Chris and I and 5 of the girls struck out about 8 a.m. Let me say this – it was quite a journey. It’s about 1,000 feet higher than TLC and we basically walked up a very rough trail. The scenery was beautiful, but I slowed the girls down for sure. The farming community appears as you cross the summit. About 150 families, most are farmers of coffee and other crops. Karen’s mom prepared a wonderful meal of pork and chi mo. We rested up and talked with her brothers, and then we got a ride back to TLC in a pick-up truck. That was much better.

We are off tomorrow at 6 a.m. with the senior class. We are driving over to Cortes to spend a few days at Heart to Heart Children’s Village. We are really looking forward to the visit. It’s about a 6-hour ride. The girls are very excited, for most it will be their first stay in a motel!

Please keep one of our dear students (Trinity-sponsored) on your prayer list. Judy, a wonderful young woman, has some significant matters pressing upon her right now and needs our support and God’s loving touch.

We are excited for our friends coming down on a mission team to visit us for a week on Monday!

Blessings from Honduras!

Dan and Chris


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