Students and Graduates Planning for the Future

Dear Friends and Family,

image2Our wonderful Mission friends from Virginia and Florida headed home yesterday and made it safely, despite weather issues.

It was a perfect mission team experience here at TLC. A lot of fun, a little project work, but far more importantly it was sharing time and experiences with the students both in class and outside of class.

The students just crave time with those of us who are able to serve here. It’s pretty simple stuff really, just basic encouragement and love for those in need is at the heart of it all! And I don’t need to tell you, we receive so much more than we give. Always. God is good.

Please ask one of the great team members – Jose, Sharon, Kathy, Bill, Peter or Pilar (or even Chris and I) about their time here and the relationships that are made and the impact of their service on their lives.

We accepted 12 new students from poor families and they will begin at TLC on April 1. This team that just left has sponsored 4 new students plus 2 existing students. If you think you might want to sponsor a young woman and help change her life, please consider it. More info is available at

After classes, Chris and I took an afternoon trip today to a small local community -Los Valles -with several of the girls. They showed us a community development water project that they had planned and implemented a few months back. They built a small dam on a mountain stream so as to increase water pressure through a pipe from the dam to provide water to pillas about 1/2 mile away. Very impressive as an example of our TLC students helping others. The hike down the mountain to the dam was very steep and slippery with pine needles and I wish I had brought cleats. But we made it!

image3The seniors are getting close to graduating this Saturday. They are quite excited. We intend to fund and launch 4 of the 5 graduating students’ business plans. Total investment of about 200,000 lempira – only $9,000. We also hope to get Olga’s pharmacy operating very soon.

I want to close with a letter I received from our second-year student , Yudy, earlier today. Yudy left campus last week due to a threat she had received in her home town. It’s complicated, but she is very appreciative of our love and support.


Dear US Friends and Trinity Church,

God bless you!

I am here in Belize with a friend’s uncle and his family. They are hosting me at their house while everything is upset at home. I am very discouraged about what is happening in my life, I am shocked because nothing that I was planning is happening. Life in Belize is very expensive! I couldn’t have afforded if you and TLC hadn’t helped me.

The man is not in prison anymore and the court has let him go free. My mom told me that a woman went to my house and said that he doesn’t want to see me in the community if he sees me he will do something bad against me. To be honest, I am very afraid and sometimes I want to scream. My heart is broken and my family is worried.

I know this is temporary and a part of me tells me that I made the right decision and God is not going to leave me alone, which makes me proud of myself. I also realized that I did the best by not going to the courthouse because I would not have had time to leave the country. I did the best when I testified but the justice in our country is not good. God knows the plans he has for me.

Here, I been observing and seeing how people do business here. Many businesses are very unique. Everything I learned at TLC is helping me. The second day I got here I started making bracelets and earrings to sell to the tourists I see. The first day I ran into a lady that was walking and when I showed her the things for sale she bought them all! Also, in the mornings I go to work shoveling. I earn a little bit of money. My boss is surprised at my working and he says “small body but very strong.” One day while I was working on his land a couple was walking by. I knew he was trying to sell the property so I told the couple about the property he was selling and they were interested. After that the owner showed them and talked with them about it. I hope he sells it. He was very thankful I did that.

I meet people here and the first thing I talk is about TLC and the help I am getting from you. I’m looking forward to going back to TLC if I can stay in Honduras. If I can’t I will apply for a scholarship to hopefully study in another country.

Pray for me!

Thank you for everything!



image1So, I will close with this. Thank you all for your support of Chris and I and particularly for the students of TLC. I assure you – we are grateful and the students are very grateful.

Blessings from Honduras,



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