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July 15, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

We arrived Wednesday mid-morning in Tegucigalpa. After a couple hours of shopping errands (mostly food for campus) we arrived on campus about 2:30. The students greeted us with hugs and laughter and we spent time talking and unpacking!

image3Thursday morning, Chris began to teach in the first-year classes with Nia, a wonderful young woman from Louisiana teaching English here at TLC for a year. I taught the third-year business students in the afternoon, where we focused on important business metrics, like profit margins and break even points.

There are 31 students here now, almost equally divided in three classes. The first-year students are “all English, all day”. The second-years are in leadership and community development classes. And the third years are finishing up their business classes in September and will soon graduate.

The devotional this morning was led by one of the second-year students who spoke about her gratitude to God for the opportunity she has been provided to learn and grow at TLC. It was touching, and thanks to all of you for helping make this happen!

image2I started working on the seniors’ business plans today, which are well underway. We have a coffee roasting business, a pulperia, a coffee Internet cafe, and an agricultural supply store – to name a few- in the works.





image1Chris spent this afternoon with about 10 of the girls in the sewing room – they had a lot of creative fun! Big news is we have three working sewing machines at this time after a bit of tinkering and duct tape.

After a dinner this evening of frijoles, cabbage, and a fresh fried egg (and of course, corn tortillas), we attended a wonderful ceremony of the Women With Purpose group. They welcomed 9 new members tonight. Each student spoke about themselves and of their desire to help and encourage other women in their local communities.

Have a wonderful weekend and blessings from Honduras!

Dan and Chris


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