Heat, Teaching and Progress

image1July 21

Buenas Tardes,

It’s hot and sunny here today in the mountains of Honduras. We have had a lot of rain the last few afternoons and evenings which has challenged our solar power and internet connectivity! But it is very nice now – about 78 degrees.

image5Four of our seniors left campus yesterday for a week to translate for a US-based medical brigade who is providing free health care to poor people in Tegucigalpa. The girls were excited about their first ever visit to an airport to meet the medical team. It’s a nice validation of our English teaching here at The Leadership Center that these girls were hired as translators.

The second-year students just returned from a day trip to El Saccoro, a nearby (2-hour walk) village of 40 homes. The girls are beginning to plan a community development project there – perhaps a small high school or a clean water source.

image4The first-year students are working hard at learning English. They have 4 classes a day. Chris is teaching an afternoon class. They also have evening reading and an English Cafe – where we all help in the afternoons and evenings. The students are now supposed to be only speaking English on campus, except for their rooms in the evening where Spanish is ok. They learn well in this environment. Four of the graduates last February are now teaching English at small elementary schools, a great first job. They typically earn about 4-6000 lempira a month – about $200 to $300.

Business plans for seniors are coming along. Just finished working some with Dessy, who is planning to start a coffee processing and sales business. She will buy green coffee from local farmers in bulk and dry it, and have it roasted and ground. Dessy will bag and market the coffee locally. She will have about 15 lempira (75cents) a pound in costs and sell it for about 35-40 lempira. It’s interesting to think about – a coffee business in Honduras! Imagine that.

image3We killed the last few meat chickens yesterday and had them with rice for lunch today. Very tasty. Egg layers are producing about 60 eggs a day so we have plenty of eggs!

We had a great bible study last night – John’s third letter about hospitality. 14 of the girls participated and they had some interesting ideas and encouragements for us. The overwhelming feeling that I experience as these young women talk about their faith is amazement for their strong witness.

Well that’s it for now. I am hoping the internet will speed this to you today, but it’s possible it may be tomorrow!

Blessings from Honduras!

image2Dan and Chris


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