Good News, Good Friends, Good Times

May 17, 2017

Buenas Tardes Amigos y Familia,

It’s late afternoon here, it looks like we may be in for another hard rain soon.

As we enter rainy season over the last few weeks, we have been getting a couple hours of rain most every day or night. It’s all manageable, but it does bring out the insects. The palomilla (small and annoying) come out after the afternoon rains. They hatch, come inside the casita or classrooms, drop their wings and then crawl everywhere. Next morning they are pretty much gone, except their wings! But it’s all good news for the frogs – they are getting bigger!

Rain makes the drive to and from campus challenging. There are three stream or creek crossings to get to our rural campus, and the rains really swell those crossings as their depth gets difficult. Ask Jose, Bill and Jim about their drive back to campus last Friday from an errand in Zambrano!

On the Tres Amigos’ last night on campus (Friday), the students had a great bonfire and celebration for them. Dances, skits, songs and some very fun games were enjoyed by all. I will tell you they made some of us gringos look pretty silly with the balloon games!

The Virginia team headed to the airport the next morning after many hugs and heartfelt goodbyes on campus. And yes, we did get all six new benches made for the comedor! The students so appreciated the team’s week on campus and many fond memories were made!

One of the great things that has happened this week, is one of the second year students who had decided not to come back after last break, has returned. Evelin had some family issues at home and her family wanted her to quit school and go to work now. A very promising student with lots of potential, she felt she should probably stay home and work. We let her stay home the first couple weeks to think hard about it and talk with her family about the short term versus long term trade-offs. Ninety percent of our 2016 TLC graduates are working in good jobs, teaching or managing their business. We hoped her family could see that opportunity for Evelin as very valuable. Evelin came back to classes this week, in part after talking a long time with her sponsor, Jose, who encouraged her and helped her.

In addition to teaching, Chris has been working with the girls in the craft room. All four sewing machines are functioning and there is a lot of activity, particularly on the weekends. The third year students are sewing pillow cases and embroidering them (whatever that is) and Chris has promised each a new pillow to go with their beautiful cases. (Will soon have to find a Bed Bath and Beyond).

Dayana preached in church on Sunday. Dayana is a graduate from last year who has been working as a part-time student director for two quarters. Her message, from Hebrews, chapter 10, was about perseverance and encouraging each other in faith and in all we do.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,”

Dayana was recently selected by the Capitol Area Girl Scouts to be a summer camp leader in Virginia for eight weeks this summer. She just got her visa last week and is so excited and happy! When she returns to Honduras in late August, she plans to start a Medicine Supply Business in Puerto Cortes.

My business classes are going well. Entrepreneurship and Marketing are more interesting to the students than Accounting and Finance. I have taken to providing chocolates in Accounting Class – it’s helping some! But the girls are trying. Even the half of them that really struggle – they do want to learn. After four hours of classes each day, they often seek me out for another hour of help.

Chris was teaching the first years about “telling time” in English class today. Actually it’s not easy to explain it is “ten after six”!

We continue to be amazed each day by these young women. Their personal stories are challenging and they so appreciate the opportunity to be here at TLC.

We are appreciative of your support and the opportunity to be in service and partnership with you here!

Blessings from Honduras,

Dan and Chris


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Trinity United Methodist Church is located in McLean, VA. Our weekly worship services are on Sundays at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. and on Wednesdays at noon. Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m. for children and adults. Children up to 6th grade are also invited to Children's Education during the 10:30 service. Adult Bible Study also occurs on Mondays at 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Please visit our website for more information.

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