Sheep, Goodbyes & Games

June 15, 2017

Buenas Tardes Amigos,

It’s Thursday afternoon, about an hour before dinner. I think it’s rice, beans and tortillas again. I hear the sheep next door to our casita “baaing” loudly and I am thinking just a bit about medium rare lamb chops, (but they are my friends – I feed them banana peels each day).

Two of my third-year students left campus early this morning.

Jondia, who has been dealing with family issues most of the quarter, decided to take a teaching job at a bilingual private school. There was an opening and she felt she needed to take the opportunity to earn money for her family. Her father just can’t work in the fields any longer. Jondia led our Bible Study last night (Philippians) and she shared how grateful she was for her time at TLC and how excited she was to begin teaching 7th graders next week!

Doris also left TLC today as well. She wants to start a small-retail business, but has been struggling with the commitment required to continue her studies. She decided to leave TLC and marry her fiancé in two weeks. I do believe she will be in business someday.

Both young women earned 2 year degrees in Leadership and will participate in graduation ceremonies next March.

Speaking of Jondia, she won the spaghetti eating contest last Saturday. We had an afternoon of “field” games. The competition was a lot of silly fun for all. Chris and I were fortunate enough just to be the judges. Three-legged races, water balloon tosses, orange face dancing (particularly hysterical), Coca Cola chugging contest and more!

We have had a lot more rain this week. Rainy season here is mostly May and June. Good for the coffee trees and plants! But the water runs down the mountain very hard and fast.

Chris is doing such a great job with these young women. A few are working particularly hard as learning a language or math is challenging. Many evenings there’s a soft knock at our door and someone wants help or just to talk. The girls love being with Chris, in the crafts room, sewing and doing projects, in the kitchen baking cookies or especially at her short-story reading group.

Ingris, one of the first-year students and I sat next to each other at Bible Study last night. She has a loud distinctive voice and is quite funny! (We are seated on chairs that arrived last week donated by our Virginia INDUS friends). And yes, I know I need a haircut! Soon I hope.

In other TLC news this week, Rapunzel, had 8 puppies (good news is they are all healthy, bad news is the sofa cushion cleaning project took 3 days).

We are really looking forward to getting home in a couple more weeks to be with family and friends. Thanks to all of you for your support, notes of encouragement and prayers.

Blessings from Honduras

Dan and Chris


Alumni, Friendships & Soccer

June 7, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

I am pleased to report that the First Annual TLC Alumni event was a great success. Seventeen graduates returned to share stories of their successes and challenges. It was such a joy to see them again.

After many meetings, panel discussions and open sessions, all students, graduates and staff enjoyed an intense game of soccer with Dan in goal for the staff. A last-minute goal brought the game to a 2-2 tie just before dark.

With friendships re-kindled and new relationships formed with existing students, it seems likely that this will not be a one-time event.

Last Sunday morning, about 26 students and I climbed a mountain to visit a tiny nearby community, Las Morales. A horse was sent from the community to carry the load of lunch prepared for 50, handmade blocks, dolls and teddy bears for the children, clothing donations and plenty of water.

A lively soccer game commenced just after our arrival.  It was a beautiful day and at this elevation of over 5000 feet we felt on top of everything.

About 11 a.m., we were joined by members of another community, Los Moscales, many of whom had walked 2 hours to join the festivities.

The students prepared a fantastic lunch for everyone and after lunch they distributed toys to the children.

I felt very proud of the sense of community service demonstrated by TLC students. Hope we will be invited back again soon.

We are nearing the end of week 7 of teaching and things are starting to move along quickly. Final lesson plans and tutoring a few struggling students in some classes take a lot of time each day.

Last night two of our second-year students made us a nice dinner and brought it to our casita to celebrate Mairyn’s 22nd birthday. (Also yesterday a new calf was born on the farm – I think he will be called Mairyn for obvious reasons!) Dinner of Quesadillas and brownies was very enjoyable.

That’s all for today. Adios from TLC!

Chris Moore

Exams, Tilapia, Service & Alumni

June 1, 2017

Buenas Tardes Friends & Family,

It’s hard to believe it’s June 1! We are almost at the end week 6 of our 10-week teaching quarter here at TLC.

We had a special dinner in Comayagua (about an hour and a half drive) last Saturday night with the third year students and Joseph and Hailey Rahm, the directors of TLC. A wonderful meal and afterwards ice cream cones in the plaza! A fun evening and treat for sure!

Big accounting mid-term today for the business students. Lot of hand wringing. This is a picture of the in process test. It does not look too hard does it?

Of my nine third-year students in business and entrepreneurship classes, I am thinking at this point that three or four might actually start businesses. Two are very interested in healthcare, maybe nursing studies. Two are going to begin teaching internships this summer. Two or three are presently undecided about their likely plans after graduation. Starting next quarter (July) we are requiring the third-year students to do a 2-3 month internship to gain practical experience in their main interest area. We are focused on empowering them to lead in their communities, whether as business women, teachers, NGO or other employees.

Chris’ classes are going well. The first-year students’ English is now progressing to the point that some of my Spanglish allows some communication. These young girls are so sweet and hardworking. After classes, for practice they are reading English children’s books out loud. See Spot Run and The Cat in Hat are popular.

We had a big day on campus on Tuesday. We had to drain and clean out the Talapia tank. Bad news for the 100 plus fish.

But good news for us at lunch yesterday!

One of the students had a family emergency late last week and she had to go home. We are hoping and praying that her family’s situation resolves itself and allows for her return soon. This is a difficult, but not unusual situation here at TLC. And unfortunately, even in very large families it feels like the parents often place a burden on their daughter at TLC to come home to help. But, in a society that honors parents and family so much, we feel it’s important to not stand in the way of the students’ sense of obligation. One of my students, Yondia, told me yesterday that she has 14 siblings. She is the youngest. Her father still works in the fields at age 82. She seems increasingly distressed that she is learning at TLC while her father is laboring on.

We have been planning our first ever TLC Alumni Weekend- this weekend. Of our 34 graduates, we expect 15 or so to make it to campus tomorrow night for a Saturday of seminars and discussions. We believe an alumni organization could be a “success network” for them after graduation. We will see what they think. I am sure it will be a lot of fun and I hope more than that!

Plans are underway for a student-led trip on Sunday to a nearby community, higher up on the mountain, Los Mascales. About an hour or so walk, it’s a small community of 15 homes, all farmers and laborers. Two of Chris’ second-year students, Riccy and Meiren, are coordinating taking a special lunch to the community and bringing toys for all the children. Toy blocks are being painted and 15 cloth bears and dolls are on the girls’ assembly line. These young women at TLC have such generous hearts. 26 of them will join Chris for the fun service trip.

Well I am an hour a half into the accounting exam and no one has left. I think I need to sign off now, maybe a few hints are in order!

Thanks for all your support for TLC and these terrific young women.

Blessings from Honduras,


A Birthday, A Salon, and A Visit

May 25, 2017

Good morning,

Today is Joseph Rahm’s birthday and the ladies sang a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday in English and Spanish this morning at devotionals. Joseph must be very careful today, one birthday tradition involves cracking an egg over the head of the person celebrating for good luck.

Community Service

Each quarter the student body of TLC performs a community service project either in one of the students home communities or locally. Past projects have included a water purification system, a recycling center and seminars on community organization.

This quarter the students decided to honor the women in the neighboring community of Los Valles with a day of pampering. The Salon (our largest room) was decorated and prepared with various stations for hair dressing, manicures, foot washing, pedicures and massages. Childcare was provided. Refreshments were served. About 50 women attended with about 60 children and the event was a great success.

Congratulations ladies of TLC for a job well done.

Heart to Heart Visit

Also, last Saturday, we had a visit from friends Oscar and Amy Serrano and Mary and Lyle Frenter of Heart to Heart Ministries. They came to visit Sarah who is now a first-year student at TLC. They are looking forward to the upcoming visit from a team of Trinity UMC to the Children’s Village in June.



Classes continue. We are in week 5 and the English students now have a basic vocabulary to draw from. They can tell you what they do for fun, what time it is and are writing a small story about their families. They are such a joy.


Thanks to all for your support of this ministry.

With love from TLC,


Chris Moore

Good News, Good Friends, Good Times

May 17, 2017

Buenas Tardes Amigos y Familia,

It’s late afternoon here, it looks like we may be in for another hard rain soon.

As we enter rainy season over the last few weeks, we have been getting a couple hours of rain most every day or night. It’s all manageable, but it does bring out the insects. The palomilla (small and annoying) come out after the afternoon rains. They hatch, come inside the casita or classrooms, drop their wings and then crawl everywhere. Next morning they are pretty much gone, except their wings! But it’s all good news for the frogs – they are getting bigger!

Rain makes the drive to and from campus challenging. There are three stream or creek crossings to get to our rural campus, and the rains really swell those crossings as their depth gets difficult. Ask Jose, Bill and Jim about their drive back to campus last Friday from an errand in Zambrano!

On the Tres Amigos’ last night on campus (Friday), the students had a great bonfire and celebration for them. Dances, skits, songs and some very fun games were enjoyed by all. I will tell you they made some of us gringos look pretty silly with the balloon games!

The Virginia team headed to the airport the next morning after many hugs and heartfelt goodbyes on campus. And yes, we did get all six new benches made for the comedor! The students so appreciated the team’s week on campus and many fond memories were made!

One of the great things that has happened this week, is one of the second year students who had decided not to come back after last break, has returned. Evelin had some family issues at home and her family wanted her to quit school and go to work now. A very promising student with lots of potential, she felt she should probably stay home and work. We let her stay home the first couple weeks to think hard about it and talk with her family about the short term versus long term trade-offs. Ninety percent of our 2016 TLC graduates are working in good jobs, teaching or managing their business. We hoped her family could see that opportunity for Evelin as very valuable. Evelin came back to classes this week, in part after talking a long time with her sponsor, Jose, who encouraged her and helped her.

In addition to teaching, Chris has been working with the girls in the craft room. All four sewing machines are functioning and there is a lot of activity, particularly on the weekends. The third year students are sewing pillow cases and embroidering them (whatever that is) and Chris has promised each a new pillow to go with their beautiful cases. (Will soon have to find a Bed Bath and Beyond).

Dayana preached in church on Sunday. Dayana is a graduate from last year who has been working as a part-time student director for two quarters. Her message, from Hebrews, chapter 10, was about perseverance and encouraging each other in faith and in all we do.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,”

Dayana was recently selected by the Capitol Area Girl Scouts to be a summer camp leader in Virginia for eight weeks this summer. She just got her visa last week and is so excited and happy! When she returns to Honduras in late August, she plans to start a Medicine Supply Business in Puerto Cortes.

My business classes are going well. Entrepreneurship and Marketing are more interesting to the students than Accounting and Finance. I have taken to providing chocolates in Accounting Class – it’s helping some! But the girls are trying. Even the half of them that really struggle – they do want to learn. After four hours of classes each day, they often seek me out for another hour of help.

Chris was teaching the first years about “telling time” in English class today. Actually it’s not easy to explain it is “ten after six”!

We continue to be amazed each day by these young women. Their personal stories are challenging and they so appreciate the opportunity to be here at TLC.

We are appreciative of your support and the opportunity to be in service and partnership with you here!

Blessings from Honduras,

Dan and Chris