We Arrived in Honduras

June 28, 2017

Good evening Trinity family,

Our team ready to leave Trinity and go to the airport on Wednesday morning.

I think our team is constantly putting photos on Facebook. Unfortunately, my phone is not connecting to the local wifi … only my laptop.

I will keep you updated as events unfold.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Children’s Village. We will meet the children and be introduced to them.

We have a full day ahead and we need a lot of rest and grace.




July 2015 Mission Trip

Our Honduras mission team: Kaela, Jake, Liz, Alexandra, Jeff, Laura, Meredith, Stephen, Michelle, has been at the Heart to Heart Children’s Village in Honduras. They left Virginia on July 20 and will return today. Here are some images of their time there. Each team member will have plenty of stories to share upon their return.


Join Our Team for Honduras Mission Trip: September 26 – October 4

Trinity UMC is returning to Honduras on September 26. We are planning to take a team of 10 to Heart to Heart for 10 days. So far 6 folks have committed to this adventure of faith in action.  Are you ready to join up?

Heart to Heart Children’s’ Village (H2H) is home to about 90 children and youth – ages 2-20. The home is located in Tegucigalpita, a small community about 2 hours north of San Pedro Sula. The H2H ministry includes a bilingual school, church and medical clinic in the town of Puerto Cortes. The children are from the streets or broken homes. They are raised in a loving Christian family environment.

This mission trip to Honduras could really change your life. It will be a wonderful, rewarding experience that will seriously impact your faith journey. We will:Heart to Heart Fellowship

  • work with and teach children and youth,
  • be in daily and continuous fellowship with the kids, youth and the teachers,
  • work on a light construction project at the Children’s Village.

Most importantly we will show God’s love to those we seek to serve and in that process we will be blessed in return.

This team will be led in country by Gary and Sylvia Thacker – strong Christians and experienced missionaries in Central America who we have been in service with many times.

Honduras has some extreme challenges as a nation, including violence but most of that is in the major metropolitan areas. We have been to Honduras many times in the last several years. We have never had an incident and we feel safe. The planning and logistics in country are well organized.

We will stay in a small comfortable hotel in Omoa and enjoy daily devotionals on a veranda overlooking the Omoa Bay. The hotel is modest but very safe and the food is wonderful.

Our team will travel about 20 minutes each day to Cortes, where the school, medical clinic and church is located or to Tegucigalpita about 30 minutes away where the Children’s Village is located.

Trip Schedule (9 nights/10 days)Honduras map

Thursday morning, September 26: Depart to San Pedro Sula via Miami

Saturday afternoon, October 5: Return via Miami

Estimated costs for the Mission Trip are about $1100 plus airfare (about $500). This includes a donation to the Ministry for a team project or other ministry need. Some financial support from Trinity may be available. A deposit of $200 is necessary to reserve your participation – check is payable to WWH2H. We will book our airline tickets in early August.

There is some immunization recommended. No visas are needed but a valid passport with a 6 month post return expiration date is required.

If you are interested in joining this team or you just want to learn more, please contact Dan Moore, Chris Moore or complete the form below.

A Tropical Storm Doesn’t Stop This Mission Team

Blessings from Honduras!

We woke about 530 a.m. to a tropical storm that had been pounding the coast since about midnight. The rain and wind were very hard until about noon.

We actually ate breakfast before the devotional time this morning as we had to eat quickly in the open dining room. We had oatmeal (mush says Luis) which is very tasty and very runny as well as some scrambled eggs. No one would drink the fresh juice as we saw rain water from the roof (home to many birds) dripping into it!

After breakfast, Dan read the familiar story from the book of Luke about Martha and Mary and good discussion ensued. I think most of us Martha types agreed we wanted to choose more of the “better portion” like Mary and we needed to strive toward that with intentional behavior. Luis reminded us that it was not the busy work that Martha did that was wrong but rather her criticism of her sister Mary that Jesus commented negatively upon. Service and even busy work with the right heart and for God’s glory is pleasing to God.

We talked for a few hours about the challenges facing TLC and H2H ,read a bit and played dart baseball in the bar area as the hotel and restaurant was virtually empty.

Luis and Jose arranged a special lunch treat by asking for chicken soup. While not on the menu, the cook was happy to oblige and it was great – and it was certainly a soup day here!

image 1About 2 p.m., the rain let up and Amy Serrano picked us up and off to the Children’s Village we went. For about three hours we spent time with the children who had been cooped up most of the day. Mike played basketball with a few of the boys in a light rain. The rest of us spent most of the time with the girls and the babies at the girls house sitting with them, talking with them, holding them and just loving them.

image 2We stayed until it was time for the youngest kids to eat their dinner of refried beans, tortilla and little bit of sour cream. I hope you can see the wonderful picture of those very young kids as they sat down to eat… but honestly it is not much food for a growing child.

Goodbyes took a while as usual. Jose and Luis especially are well loved; they received many notes and hugs. I feel especially blessed to have those wonderful guys here in mission service – the ability for these kids to spend time with loving Hispanic men that they can trust and have a friendship with is so important, given many of the kids’ abused history.

We drove to Puerto Cortes and picked up the 8 teen boys who had walked about a mile in the rain to meet us. We all felt so happy to see these guys. We had planned to spend most of the day with them repairing their house but could not get there, as the rain had washed their road out to the home they live in. We all headed to Pizza Hut in Puerto Cortes and had a pizza, chicken wings and orchada feast – great fun, laughing and bonding. The guys played a joke on me and arranged for the waiters to surround me and sing a long, loud birthday song – it was not my birthday – but the boys all laughed very hard.

It’s really funny how the day worked out – nothing like we had planned at all. But as we say all the time – This is Honduras! Schedules and plans mean very little. But the truth is since God is in charge, it’s all good! And it was today. When I reflect on it, we had a lot of time together as a team enjoying each other’s company, a few great hours at the Children’s Village and then a couple hours tonight with the teen boys. Actually, it image 3could not have been a better day!

Tomorrow is our last day here in Honduras – we fly out tomorrow afternoon assuming the weather holds up (it’s raining hard again).

It’s been a true blessing to be at both TLC and at H2H. You should ask any one of us about it – I think you will hear something in our voices and in our words about how God has changed our hearts for the better in Honduras.

For Jose, Luis, Mike, Jessica and Adam and me – your Mission Team,


New Friends & Old Friends


Dear Family and Friends,

After a devotional from Genesis led by Adam and a breakfast of eggs and tortillas, we departed TLC campus yesterday (Friday) around 9:30 a.m.  Truth is that we started to say our goodbyes to the students about 8:30, but a lot of laughing, a bit of crying and a ton of pictures were taken. The 6 days had been such a blessing to us.

We were excited to have Yanetsi, Olga and Alex, the three senior business students,  join us on our trip to Heart to Heart. I will not spend time on the details, but the 7 or so hour trip was long but enjoyable and no van incidents! We visited a market in Siguatepegue and had a nice lunch there. The roads are good/decent and the journey thru the mountains was quite spectacular.  We hit San Pedro Sula at rush hour unfortunately and it slowed us down an hour or so. We arrived at Omoa last night about 7 p.m. and had dinner at the small hotel here where we are staying. We had to juggle beds a bit and the girls including Jessica are all together in one room with one extra queen mattress on the floor!

We were grateful for hot showers and air conditioning – it’s so much hotter on this side of Honduras.

We were up pretty early and Luis led us in a devotional about how God is here in this place but most importantly in our hearts. We talked about Nehemiah and his prayers to God for the great needs of Jerusalem; then we talked about how great the needs were at TLC and what we needed to do about it – prayer for sure and to witness with you, our friends and family. We sang Dios Esta Aqui together and even enjoyed a solo verse by Mike!

After breakfast we walked out on the fishing pier a bit and then headed to Tegucigalpita and the Heart to Heart Children’s Village. There is another team here from Washington State led by our good friends, the Stephens. We spent some time with them at the village.

The kids at were really glad to see us.

Heart to Heart is home to about 80 children, most from the streets or state orphanage, some from broken homes.

image-1Most of the team  headed back to the girls and toddlers house where we played with the little ones for about 2 hours. There are about 16 preschoolers and kinders now. Just sitting on the floor brings wonderful opportunities for love and affection. The kids are well loved by the house mommies but they don’t get as much one in one time or holding or carrying around as they want (or need?). They are such sweet kids and they just want to be with you. It’s heart warming to be sure, but it also is sad at the same time.

Meanwhile Mike and Adam were playing basketball and soccer with the boys in about 90 degree heat and very high humidity.  (It’s almost exhausting to be outside now – so hot, especially coming from the mountain where TLC was located.)

Zulema the head house mother and cook at the boys house made us a special lunch of beef and vegetable soup with rice – very tasty.

After lunch we celebrated the kindergartners graduation and all the May and June birthdays! All the kids, mommies and volunteers gathered in a room and clapped and sang with the kids. Cake and soda pop was enjoyed by all!!

All the graduating kindergartners received a small soft pillow made by Trinity’s Crafts for a Cause team- the kids really liked them and clutched them tightly.

We unpacked our large Cabella and other bags of things for the H2H kids and were well thanked for Trinity’s generosity.

The H2H ministry has extended into the local community of Puerto Cortes as the Christian school now has about 140 kids in total including about 70 from the community. The ministry is running at about a $7,000 monthly deficit however. One of their largest costs other than food for the kids, is electricity which is very expensive in this area.

image-2We just returned from Church about an hour ago. Oscar Serrano, the Honduran H2H Director and pastor (who preached at Trinity last September) asked Pastor Luis to preach tonight. And did he ever! The church was packed and after about an hour of praise songs and prayers, Luis and Jose took the microphones. Luis preached about change and how God is watching us in everything we do.  Jose translated for the gringos and the two of them are quite a team.

Luis acknowledged Joseph Rahm and the students from TLC and told the congregation about the changes the TLC students were going to make in their communities and in Honduras. Luis told us that it does not matter how poor (or rich) we are, God can use any (and all) of us to effect change in ourselves and our world. Luis gave his personal testimony and the response was powerful. At the end of the service he invited anyone who wanted to change their lives and the situation of the families to come forward. Virtually the entire congregation crowded to the front of the church to receive God’s blessing thru Luis!

After church we talked a bit as it began to rain hard on the metal church roof. A number of the older Heart to Heart girls (and a few interested boys) gravitated to the TLC girls. There was good discussion and smiles and a couple of the H2H girls expressed serious interest in TLC.

After stoping for gas and snacks, we arrived back in Omoa about an hour or so ago.It is still pouring outside but maybe that will cool it down some.  We will be back at church in the morning!

Please pray for the people of Honduras; the needs are great virtually everywhere in this poor country. Especially pray and consider acting upon the needs of the important ministries of TLC and H2H.

For the Mission Team,